Gathering the past into one place

I have written so many things, but I have never put them all in one spot to share with other people so a lot of stuff I have written in the past is going to start popping up, how you readers out there enjoy!


On learning how to walk, creativity and how I started playing Eitanquest

I have had this blog name for two years, but its taken me a long time to actually write something.   A baby learns how to walk by falling and getting up over and over and over again.   Many of us have an inner critic, that discourages us form attempting new things, things that we are bursting inside to do, that feel like a natural expression of who we are.  Luckily, when a baby is learning how to walk, they have not yet developed an inner critic that says, things like ‘I suck at this!” or ” I am never going to succeed!” which causes many of us to give up on doing things we want to do, need to do.

One of the things I desire to do most is to express my creative energy in a way that makes the world a better place but most of the time I dont give myself a chance because my inner critic is hating on me to the point that i throw up my hands and quit before i even start.   This is also called self sabatoge. But when I remember not to listen to my inner critic, I become like a child again, any time I stumble or fall in my attempts to succeed, I just get up and keep on going, and eventually, I succeed, and its that method, of not beating myself up, and keeping going that has allowed me to master, walking, running, riding a bike, as well as many other life skills.

So going back to creativity, to mastering things like drawing, singing, songwriting, acting, blogging, freestyle rapping, saving the world, enlightening the human race, all of these creative vehicles, are withing our grasp, we just have to give ourselves and chance, this blog is me giving myself a chance, you could say its my quest, thus the name of the blog…Eitanquest.

Eitanquest is also the metaphor I use to describe how I live my life, when I was younger, I loved to play RPG video games. Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Dungeons and Dragons (for computer), I also loved reading science fiction/fantasy novels, and what was happening in these games and stories was always more interesting and seemingly more important than what was happening in my life, which seemed much more boring. All this changed one day when I was playing Final Fantasy 7 on my Sony Playstation, by this point I wasnt really playing video games but I bought a Playstation just to I could play FF7, and it was one of the first games that had a time counter, and I saw that I had been playing for about 24 hours  and suddenly realized  ” Here I am devoting 24 hours, to building a character in a game that is not real, and the more I play the stronger he gets, the faster he gets, the more experience points he gets, but he is not even real, none of this effects real life, and if I were to devote a total of 24 hours to running, I would be running faster in real life, or 24 hours lifting weights, I would be stronger in real life, or 24 hours playing guitar I would be better at guitar in real life.”  And so many of these games are a story about a boy from a small town who suddenly realizes he has to save the world and I saw, am I any different. What if I spent 24 hours trying to save the world in real life? How many people could I help? What if I spent 24 hours picking up trash in the creek near my town? I realized I could make the world a better place in real life.   That I could save my world, I could help my neighbors, I could help old ladies crosss the street, there were a thousand and one ways I could change the world around me, and suddenly these video games became boring, because I realized I could do this in real life and that is how I started playing Eitanquest.